Promotional Candy Canes

Promotional Candy Canes by Cornerstone Promotional ProductsPromotional candy canes have a limited season for use, but boy are they a perfect product to sweeten up your promotional campaigns around the holidays. They’ve been around since the 1600’s, when they were invented to keep children quiet during Christmas Eve services. You probably aren’t trying to keep your audience quiet, but candy canes still make most of us smile.

Ideas for Using Promotional Candy Canes

Small promotional candy canes make perfect point of purchase bag stuffers. Have your cashiers include one with each customer sale.

Attach small candy canes to cards advertising a “sweet deal” and hand them out in shopping centers or anywhere your customers gather during the holidays.

Coffee shops or anyone selling hot chocolate or other hot beverages that would be enhanced by peppermint flavor could include a large candy cane as a stir stick with purchases during the holiday season.

Include them tied in a ribbon on the top of your corporate gifts this year.

Hide a limited number of promotional candy canes around your store each day during the holidays and give an extra 5% discount (or whatever offer is appropriate for your business) to each customer who finds one. Amp up the gaming fun and include one large candy cane each day. The person finding the large cane gets a larger gift offer. All “finders” could be included in a prize drawing.

Use promotional candy canes as a thank you for customers or employees who participate in a company charitable campaign (like a food drive) over the holiday season.

Include candy canes in a “Christmas in July” campaign. They’ll stand out because it’s not their usual season and will add a welcome Christmas flavor.

Churches can use candy canes as giveaways advertising their Christmas service schedule. I’ll let you sort out with Snopes whether or not to include any symbolic information about the candy.


Promotional Candy Canes


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